After a week straight of not going outside v4.44 is done!!! I reeeeally like this layout i think. The NEO-TOKYO theme looks really good I cant really believe I made a theme that im this happy with. Having a theme switcher is really nice cause I usually find myself getting tired of how my site looks so itll be a nice (and easier) way to switch things up.

Along with this new layout, I plan to write blog posts more just whenever I have something to write about rather than making like 2 posts a year. I am also still working on my Animal Crossing and Kanye West shrines but they still arent done cause there is a lot of work to be done, but they are looking pretty cool so far!!

The Retro Zone isnt finished yet because its also gonna end up being a pretty ambitious project, the plan is for it to be sorta like a pseudo shrine(??) for my CRT setup among other things. I have lots of ideas for it but probably gonna be on the backburner until I atleast finish the kanye shrine.

The media page overhaul is really nice aswell, it became a combination of all my pages that felt a little underbaked in my old indexes. So it has my media log, my vinyl collection, and will eventually have some other media related things like if I start a VHS collection or something.


Lets go over everything new with this layout!!

  • New layout. 2 columns and individual panels for each section

  • Now hosted on Nekoweb, so site will be up 24/7!!

  • Added a Theme Switcher. currently there are 6 themes. NEO-TOKYO, MONOCHROME, KanyeUniverseCity, & historical themes that resemble old versions of this site.

  • Removed Mood Board in favor of a Featured Image section on homepage

  • Added a Media Shelf to display my favorite movies, albums, etc.

  • Added navlink, sections for shrines, and section for stats

  • Brought back the blog

  • Added a Retro Zone, which will eventually be a place to document/talk about my CRT setup amongst other retro tech ventures

  • Reworked media page to now hold my media log and my vinyl collection and anything else i decide to add

  • Brought back links page and about page

  • made a new button

  • Added a sitemap