Check out these awesome websites that have inspired this one.


Here are some resources to check out if you have a website or are interested in making one


Nekoweb - free webhost that focuses on old web with lots of cool features

Neocities - another free webhost a lot like Nekoweb. more popular, but lower quality imo

WEBSITES - the go-to website for getting into oldweb


status cafe - an embeddable activity status section

Comment Widget - An embeddable comment section. (Uses google)

iShoutbox - An embeddable chatbox

webamp - An embeddable customizable music player, themed after winamp. - Has a easily implementable widget and a Nekoweb stats widget


FileOptimizer (Windows) - Optimizes images and stuff to improve loading times

PowerToys - Program for windows that adds a lot of useful little features. The image resizer is especially useful for shrinking images to put on your site.


GifCities - An archive of gifs from GeoCities

99GIF SHOP - A currated selection of gifs - Large collection of gifs/images